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For All Occasions Featuring the Digital Accordion Music the way you remember it  for your listening and dancing pleasure. 

Available for house parties, dances, wedding, anniversaries, birthdays.

A Lifetime of Music


 I was born in a Polish Suburb of Detroit (Hamtramck) Michigan, from a Polish American family.   There were some special accordionist in my family that inspired me to take interests in the Accordion.  My Godfather and Uncle (same person), played the accordion professionally and for the family, including at some of my early childhood birthday parties.  I also have a couple cousins that actually were in the Music Studio business that taught accordion lessons and sold accordions.  A couple other cousins took accordion lessons.   I use to listen and watch one as she practiced and played her accordion. 

When I was 8 years old, living in California, my parents asked me if I'd like to take accordion lessons. Of course I said yes and took lessons from a fine young Spanish American fellow who was only 16 at the time.  I am still friends with him and his parents to this day.     His folks always have been like a second set of  parents to me while I lived in California for over 25 years.

In 1965,  my parents and I moved back to Michigan and I continued taking lessons at my cousin's music studio. Then I went to American Music Studios in the Detroit area. till I began playing professionally at the age of 15.  During that time, I was introduced to the Cordovox Accordion and got my first Cordovox. Very early on in my musical career,  I was fascinated with expanding the accordion to electronic organ sounds and blending in the combination of accordion, organ, bass, piano, and various other electronic voices of several other instruments.  

Between the years of 1970 and 1980, I formed my own version of of a wedding bank from 1 to 4 pieces.   Since I could play solo on this fantastic instrument, or add a drummer, and a sax/ clarinet player and/or a trumpet,  I offered people a choice of how many musicians they would like.  Often all I needed was a 2 piece band.

I sang early on in my musical career.  Learning how to sing in English and Polish, which my mother helped me with the words and reading Polish songs so I could sing them.

My lessons with my first accordion teacher gave me a very good grasp of Latin music, like Rumbas, Cha-chas, Tangos, since his natural training in Spain gave me the right influence to perform with the right touch and feelings for those romantic Latin numbers.

In the Detroit area, I learned more about my heritage and with the help of local talent, both Polish and Italian, these became a natural part of my musical selections.  Introductions to German, Jewish, Irish and other nationalities, broadened my experience in ethnic music.  Helpful hints and suggestions my Godfather made also helped me with big band music, Polish and Ukranian music.

I was lucky enough to travel to Germany and play music in the US officers clubs in and around Zwiebruken in the Saarland of Germany during the summer of 1977, thanks to the hosting of my saxophone player who played in my wedding band while he lived in Detroit. 

Can you imagine playing and singing Polish music in Germany? Well that's exactly what I did, and the German residents loved it.  It taught me a lot about the people of Europe  and how intertwined their cultures are.

I played all sorts of occasions in the Detroit area at places like the Elks Lodge, Moose Lodge, UAW halls, Polish and Italian clubs, like the PNA, and the Sons of Italy, and the K of C. 

When I moved back to California in the summer of 1980, I continued my professional playing at the Elks Lodge, Sons of Italy, and the Scandinavian Club in the San Jose/Santa Cruz area.  One of the most fun places was in Saratoga California for the day after Thanksgiving, in the cool Friday evening outside as the merchants
had their open house for the Christmas Season.  People danced in the street to my music.   

It was in the early 1980's that I also met Gordon and Paul at Columbo and Sons Accordion Studio in the San Rafael area.  It was a very small world, cause one day I was up there and who should be visiting there, but a gentleman I've known in Detroit for years, Mr. Castiglione himself.

Paul Pasquali was partners with Gordon at Columbo and Sons and introduced me to the Elka Accorgan brand of the Electronic Accordions when I traded in my solid-state Cordovox for the newest electronic/acoustical accordion available.  And for several years Paul and Gordon were my support for keeping up my accordion and equipment needs.

It was quite a time in California from 1980 thru 2003 as I continued to play professionally, and enjoy playing in Roseville CA too for their Polish Festival and dances while I worked at HP.    Of course playing the accordion professionally has always been a side line for me, as I finished my Math Computer Science degree at San Jose State university in 1986, all while I was working for various Hewlett Packard computer businesses doing computer programming.

Paul Pasquali began his own business and developed his own special electronic/acoustical accordion called the Concerto. After watching his presentations in California and then at the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention, I decided to trade up, and buy my very own Concerto Accordion from Paul.

Since mid 2003, I've been playing the DA-200 Concerto Accordion. I played at places like the Silicon Valley Accordion Society and the San Francisco Accordion Club with some of the best accordionist around.  In 2004, I moved to Sarasota Florida.

Since  the summer of 2007, I also enjoyed playing each year at the Las Vegas Accordion Convention. And teaching classes about playing the digital accordion sounds.   In 2008, I upgraded my Concerto to the newest sounds of the DA-250 and in 2015 to the current DA-260 Level.  Since then it's been a wonderful new experience, and my family, friends, and the general public has been very amazed and receptive at what I can do with this wonderful instrument.

In recent years I've expanded my experience into the Roland Accordions and Roland midi arrangers which I teach at the conventions.    This has expanded my professional performance. And I now feature the Roland FR-8x and FR-4x digital Accordions.   

My Musical Services


  • A Party in a box - Chuck Henry on the Acustical/Digital Accordion

    Did you know the accordion was the first original "portable keyboard"? There was no need for electricity to play it, nor amplification or even other instruments.

    This tradition lives on the acoustical accordion combined with the 'digital' aspects creating the most outstanding musical experience you'll ever hear out of one instrument and one musician playing it....  that's where I come in....  I'm one of the few musicians who can provide you with the professional musical quality you'd expect from a whole orchestra or band.    And you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own house party, or a restaurant or hall party.    For a fraction of what it would cost you for a complete orchestra.    And did I mention singing too...  

    Sample song clips for you to hear are available  by clicking the song 
  • ChuckHenryAndMusic - YouTube
  • ChuckHenryAndMusic Playing At CA Wedding ... - YouTube
  • ChuckHenryAndMusic Playing In CA NeverOnSun Short - YouTube
  • NAA 2017 Chuck Henry Playing the Roland FR-4x and BK ... - YouTube

Personal live auditions can be arranged by appointment.   

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Review received on 8-17-2018 at 9:17 pm (PDT)

HE made our 25th Party extra EXTRA SPECIAL!!!
We saw his post on Craigs list under "Musicians" when we began planning our party! How happy we are that we discovered him!! Reviewed his website and liked it very much--so much information there! Went to see him perform locally at The Recipe Box restaurant during a Sunday Brunch in Bradenton Florida.

First impression that Sunday was wonderful!!!! We even went again to hear him just for fun one "weeknight" evening and arranged to pick up a contract to hire. He kindly came over to our table and we chatted! Our Silver Anniversary was a special celebration with closest family and friends and every single person who attended, remarked how much they loved his music. Truly loved it!!!

Our venue did not have a dance floor but the music was beautiful and lively and enjoyed by young and old--all!!!!! Chuck Henry gave a European flair to the evening and we had him play for four hours and we provided a tip--we were so happy with his abilities and how he added so much shine to our party of 100 guests. If you want your special event to BE memorable, we highly suggest you allow him to provide the entertainment. The tunes varied, some familiar some not, which was great--- and the sound was pleasing not too loud or too soft. Everyone talked about our party and "that music" for weeks afterwards and still remark about it! His talent is significant and his playing at an event is something unique to experience!! And he even sings here and there which was also quite nice. There is a certain romance to the accordian we think, and he certainly affected everyone in a positive way. You will be so happy to have him play for you!

Cordial, respectful, friendly and reliable. We can not award enough accolades!!! He deserves more than five stars!! Honestly we think everyone should hire him at least once but then you will love it and want to use him again somehow! Glad we can go see him in Bradenton on Sundays as that is what we will do until maybe we can find a reason to have him play again for us.

His rates are very reasonable for a professional musician and we found that he was more than enough. We had considered a duo or trio at first but space limited our options. We are thankful to have hired Chuck Henry for our music and feel he was the best choice for us! We would not hesitate for a moment to use him again if we plan another event. Highly recommend this talented musician!!!!!! THANK YOU Chuck Henry!!! A million thanks to you!!!!!!! Sincerely Catherine and Michael

Reviewer: Catherine Zurich-Wus
Event Date: January 20th, 2018
Services Provided: Accordion Player
Rating: 5 out of 5


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